The Best Podcasts for Botanical Extractors

The botanical extraction industry is populated with industry professionals eager to share their knowledge.

Podcasts are an excellent resource if you’re a botanical extractor interested in leveling up. Industry insiders talk with hosts about the science behind extraction and why the industry will continue to bloom in the marketplace.

With top-of-the-line audio available to the masses, it’s no surprise every industry has at least one podcast these days. 

And while the digital landscape can sometimes feel flooded, the best of these digital broadcasts feature creative content that’s thought-provoking, educational, enthralling, and, at the very least, entertaining. 

Yes, even a subject matter as niche as botanical extraction has multiple podcasts dedicated to it. 

From the equipment you need for successful extraction and the general processes involved in the art of extraction to “dos and don’ts” and tips and tricks, there’s an extraction podcast out there waiting for the ears of technicians, facility managers, and product distributors. 

So, without further ado, here are the five best podcasts for botanical extractors.

The Modern Extractor

Modern Extractor Logo

The behind-the-scenes processes in an extraction facility are often a mystery to anyone who considers themselves new to the industry.

The Modern Extractor” podcast seeks to demystify extraction, delving deep into the processes, equipment, and science that powers extraction laboratories.

Each season of “The Modern Extractor” has a unique focus.

For example, season one focused on the process of ethanol extraction and post-processing into either distillate or isolate. In contrast, season two examined a specific stage of extraction.

Along with a guided journey through the complete extraction process, host Jason Showard sits down with experts in the industry, who provide extraction advice with real-world applications.

EXTRACTED with Kayla & Chris

Extracted with Kayla & Chris podcast logo

Our friends from the north deliver a Canadian-flavored extraction podcast with “EXTRACTED with Kayla & Chris.” 

Featuring unfiltered conversations with botanical extraction experts and enthusiasts, “EXTRACTED” is piloted by two knowledgeable hosts as they explore the science behind extraction with each other and with industry insiders.

Extraction Magazine Podcast

Extraction Magazine Logo

The science behind why we extract is the main focus of the “Extraction Magazine Podcast.” 

Host Dr. John MacKay interviews experts on botanical extraction, examining how the plant kingdom expresses its richness and usefulness.

Each 30-minute episode extracts info on new technology, research, and perspectives while taking an overarching view of how extraction processes are crucial for food scientists, natural product chemics, and more.

Extraction Insiders

The Extraction Insiders Logo

As it’s a highly technical and scientific process, botanical extraction is fraught with pitfalls, potential mistakes, and possible foul-ups. 

Extraction Insiders” is a podcast featuring entrepreneurs and industry innovators who want to help others avoid as many problems as possible. 

Sharing extraction laboratory “a-ha” moments, the podcast seeks to educate listeners about the “tough lessons” pros have learned along the way, utilizing voices from within the botanical extraction industry.

extrakTALKS with Dr. Jon

Extrak Talks With Dr. Jon - Hemp & Business - Podcast

With a library boasting 64 episodes, “extrakTALKS with Dr. Jon” is an indispensable resource for farmers, growers, processors, chemists, investors, and entrepreneurs in the botanical extraction industry. 

Host Dr. Jon talks about everything regarding Supercritical CO2 Botanical Extraction, answering questions regarding extraction, processing, methodology, and more. 

One recent episode even delved into creating a sound financial model for those planning to build a startup in the botanical extraction industry.

Learn from the Pros in Botanical Extraction

There’s a wealth of extraction information out there for anyone in the industry—no matter if you’re starting out or if you’re a seasoned pro. 

The industry is populated with brilliant minds eager to share their expertise on everything from equipment, philosophies, plant science, financials, and so much more.

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