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Distributor Equipment Selection

The extraction industry has moved out of the shadows and into the spotlight—prompting a need for solvent and equipment manufacturers and distributors who can procure auxiliary equipment built for cultivators and extraction facilities.
Highpoint is ready to answer the call with a line of stainless steel and carbon steel extraction tanks fabricated with the needs of extractors and solvent suppliers in mind.

Rather than retrofitting tanks designed for other applications, Highpoint developed hydrocarbon extraction tank technology that ensures purity in the process of botanical extraction.

When used in conjunction with clean, high-purity solvent, our stainless steel and carbon steel tanks give extractors the power and peace of mind to create a wide array of high-quality, award-winning extracts free of impurities and undesirable chemical aromas.
Highpoint by Worthington Industry Stainless Steel Hydrocarbon Storage Tank
Highpoint by Worthington Industry Stainless Steel Hydrocarbon Storage Tank

When Any Old Tank Won’t Do

Fulfilling your duties as a distributor means connecting your client with top-of-the-line products that matches specifications and complies with industry standards.

When you select and recommend extraction equipment, parts, solvents, and consumable products to professionals in the botanical extraction industry, you want to be confident in the products you endorse.

In terms of compliant and reliable products, the distributor is the gatekeeper to the retail channel. You want to connect extractors to the highest quality products in the supply chain and help to kick start their efforts in the industry. Highpoint can help you achieve that.

Powered by Highpoint™ by Worthington Industries

Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Tanks 

Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel tanks from Highpoint revolutionize botanical extraction. However, separating plant matter from the highly prized compounds is a technical process that demands a high standard of machinery.

Highpoint by Worthing Industry Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks on a blue background

Highpoint constructs stainless steel tanks that are:

Stainless steel hydrocarbon storage tanks from Highpoint are especially desirable to extraction facilities. With an unparalleled level of internal cleanliness, industry professionals are able to extract the crucial botanical compounds from plant material without leaving behind impurities or a chemical aroma. Our stainless steel tanks bring a level of purity to the industry that extractors crave.
Differentiate your product and service offerings while elevating the extraction processes with Highpoint tanks.