Highpoint™ by Worthington Industries

Elevate The Process

Equipment Built to Serve the Hydrocarbon Extraction Industry

Highpoint by Worthing Industry Stainless Steel Hydrocarbon Storage Tank on a blue background

Stainless Steel Tanks

Our stainless steel bulk hydrocarbon tanks are made in the USA with global components and designed specifically for the botanical extraction industry.

Highpoint by Worthing Industry White Hydrocarbon Storage Tank on a blue background
Steel Tanks

The highest quality carbon steel cylinders on the market today, backed by over 65 years of manufacturing experience and made in the USA with global components. 

Why choose Highpoint?

Highpoint’s stainless and carbon steel tanks show your operation’s commitment to safety, quality, cleanliness, and growth, but that’s not the only reason you should choose Highpoint by Worthington Industries.

Our equipment supports cleanliness to ensure that your extraction process occurs in a pristine environment. It also puts you on the path to future success.

Together, we can set the bar for premium extracted botanical products.