Highpoint™ by Worthington Enterprises

About Us

Setting the standard of quality, safety, and cleanliness in the botanical extraction industry.

Botanical extraction is one of the country’s newest industries. As such, it requires partnerships with established companies that have the infrastructure in place to shepherd it toward steady and successful growth.

Highpoint traces its history back long before legitimate botanical extraction was even possible in America.

Forged in the 1950s, Worthington Enterprises specializes in unfilled pressure cylinders, tanks, hand torches, well water and expansion tanks, along with accessories and related products.

With Highpoint by Worthington Enterprises, our time-tested steel manufacturing and marketing processes are redirected to develop tanks built exclusively for the botanical extraction industry.

Focusing on optimizing the high-growth extraction process, our products are designed with the extraction community in mind to support clean, safe solutions for this burgeoning and highly valued industry.
Highpoint by Worthing Industry White Carbon Steel Hydrocarbon Storage Tank on a blue background

Built for the Botanical Extraction Industry

The legalized botanical extraction industry has had to rely far too heavily on equipment built for other sectors to make extraction possible.

But the industry is evolving. It has continued to mature as legalization expands to more and more states. Now, as growth accelerates, first-class extraction facilities need to implement and use products and equipment designed specifically with the botanical extraction industry in mind.

We design and manufacture both stainless steel and carbon steel extraction tanks for different areas within the botanical extraction industry. 

Highpoint by Worthing Industry Stainless Steel Hydrocarbon Storage Tank on a blue background
Our products are built and sold directly to extractors, consultants, and distributors who are charged with assisting extraction facilities with workplace design and the procurement of crucial equipment.

Highpoint by Worthington Enterprises heralds the arrival of high-quality, clean, and safe stainless steel and carbon steel.

Purpose-built to fulfill the urgent need for storage solutions tailored to botanical extraction, Highpoint tanks are backed by 65 years of safety, regulatory, and manufacturing expertise that’s become synonymous with Worthington Enterprises.

The Industry Standard: Worthington Enterprises By The Numbers

Highpoint enters the botanical extraction space with the mettle afforded by Worthington Enterprises’ nearly seven decades of operation.

Besides the auto industry, Worthington is the largest purchaser of steel in the country, processing 7.5 million tons of steel.
What’s more, Worthington is the largest fuel cylinder and system supplier in the world, manufacturing more than 90 million cylinders and accessories for markets in more than 70 countries.
Our consumer products are vast and include Balloon Time, Coleman, Bernzomatic, and Worthington-branded consumer products for job sites, as well as home and outdoor activities.