Hydrocarbon Extraction Vs. CO2 Extraction

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A Comparison of Two Popular Botanical Extraction Methods Botanical concentrates are often derived via one of two extraction methods: Hydrocarbon or Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Quick Links What is the Extraction Process? What is Hydrocarbon Extraction? What is CO2 Extraction? Hydrocarbon vs. CO2 Extraction: Which Makes a Better Product? Which is the Best Extraction Method for […]

Tips to Maintain the Cleanliness and Safety of Your Botanical Extraction Facility

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Extraction facility equipment requires regular maintenance and cleaning to produce an adequate yield of high-quality botanical extracts. Quick Links Tips for Cleaning Extraction Equipment Know Your Extractor Components Determine What to Clean and When to Clean It Keep a Maintenance Log Always Have Extra Parts On Hand Tips for Safety in an Extraction¬†Facility Maintaining Safety […]